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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2010 8:30pm-9:00pm PST

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[applause] >> the costumes are so
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beautiful. oh, my gosh. thank you very much. the costumes are simply beautiful. wonderful thank you to them. beautiful costumes. now, what is an event would not be complete without great food? i hope you enjoyed it, and we want to thank the asian shaft -- chef association, offering the best louisiana on the bay area, and to help me find them, i would like to call upon the mayor's office of neighborhood services office manager, and she is going to say a special thank you. where is francis? claudine? is she coming?
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is francis here? yes, well, you can help me thank them. >> we want to say a special thanks to the shaft -- chef. francis was going to make this presentation, but it is on behalf of the chef, the owner and executive chef and also peter wong. here we are. come on, everybody. they did a great job. >> the chef will be the incoming chair person of the chef association. it will be with us every year catering and contributing to our community. we want to express our appreciation, and thank you so much.
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[applause] >> we are all about good food and pictures, of course. we would love for you to say a few words. >> good evening. it is such an honor for us to be here tonight. in the partner of the asian chef association , and in the founder of -- i am the founder of chefs without borders. for us to be year to stand in front of you, it is an honor to be here to be part out the asian
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pacific americans five years in a row, and we are honored to do everything to serve the food, and we try the best we can, so tonight, i hope you enjoyed the food very much, and we hope to see you again. thank you. [applause] thank you very much. we have more food for you. two quick things -- we have finally coming up right now, and we have a green room recession after the finale -- reception after the finale. when you are on your way up, as you leave, but not yet, you will be given a little ticket, and this ticket will allow you to go up to the green room celebration was more great food -- we are asian, after all. we have great food and lots of it. this ticket will get you into that green room reception.
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this ticket -- there will be a blank boxes on this ticket, and as you go to each station, you can check off that box. once the boxes are all marked, you take that ticket, put it in a raffle are -- jar, and it will be your chance to win a gift certificates from one of the participating restaurants, so you need not be present to win. you leave after the rally, get a ticket, go upstairs to the green room, check off the boxes, visit the stations, and present it to a big raffled jar, you could win a gift certificate to one of the restaurants. all right, now, our finale. here to explain our finale, please welcome our producers, the producer agile in the mist asian america pageant. please welcome rose. -- producer of the miss asian
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american pageant. >> it is my pleasure to be the entertainment coordinator for this wonderful awards ceremony. i want to acknowledge the quarter not -- the choreographer, and the coordinator of all the community groups to participate. before we begin, i just want to invite those of you in the audience that if you want to participate next year, just go on to our website. hope you have a wonderful evening, and do not hesitate to apply because the folks are really dancing their heart out for you. so of music, please -- so, music , please. ♪
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>> ♪ there comes a time when we keep a certain call when the world must come together as one there are people dying the greatest gift of all we cannot go on pretending day-by-day that someone somehow lessons they can change. we are always part of a great big family
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and it is true you know, love is all we need we are the world's we are the children we are the ones who make a brighter day their lives so let's start living and the choice we are making we are saving our own lives is true we make a better day just you and me well, send them your heart so they'll know that someone cares and their lives will be strong and free we cannot let them suffer
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no, we cannot turn them away right now, they need a helping hand we are the world we are the children we are the ones who make a brighter day so let's start giving there's a choice we're making we're saving our own lives it's true will make a better day just you and me when you're down and out there seems no hope adolf but if you just believe there's no way we can fall well, well, well, well let us realize
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that change will only come when we stand together as one we are the world we are the children we are the ones who make a brighter day so let's start giving there's a choice we're making we're saving our own lives its troops will make a better day just you and me
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around the world of the of the world around the world are around the world round and round and round the world i took my baby on a saturday bank board, is that girl with you yes, we are one and the same i believe in miracles, and a miracle has happened tonight but if you're thinking about my baby, it don't matter if you're black or white the premises in
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the saturday signed i had to tell them i am not second to none and i told about equality the truth, either you are wrong or you are right but, if you're thinking about my baby, it don't matter if you're black or white >> i love -- whoo! all right, i would like to call willie brown, carmen, david, eric. come on up. grab williecarmen, eric, david! come on up!
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vicki, come on up! c'mon! volunteers, let's go! come on up, come on up, volunteers! members of the committee, come on up! members of the committee, anybody else? , opt! volunteers in the audience,, one of -- come on up! vicki, vicki, come on op! c'mon, anybody else? come on up! whoo!
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standup! come on! get out of your seats, everyone! stand up, stand up, stand up! come on!
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♪ >> whoo! thank you all for coming! let's have a great evening. thank you all, everyone. thank you to all of our dancers. have a great evening. thank you for coming.
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there are so many ways that the internet provides real access to real people and resources and that's what we're try to go accomplish. >> i was interested in technology like video production. it's interesting, you get to create your own work and it reflects what you feel about saying things so it gives
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perspective on issues. >> we work really hard to develop very in depth content, but if they don't have a venue, they do not have a way to show us, then this work is only staying here inside and nobody knows the brilliance and the amazing work that the students are doing. >> the term has changed over time from a very basic who has a computer and who doesn't have a computer to now who has access to the internet, especially high speed internet, as well as the skills and the knowledge to use those tools effectively. . >> the city is charged with coming up with digital inclusion. the department of telecommunications put together a 15 member san francisco tech connect task force. we want the digital inclusion program to make sure we address the needs of underserved vulnerable communities, not communities that are already very tech savvy.
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we are here to provide a, b and c to the seniors. a stands for access. b stands for basic skills and c stands for content. and unless we have all three, the monolingual chinese seniors are never going to be able to use the computer or the internet. >> a lot of the barrier is knowledge. people don't know that these computers are available to them, plus they don't know what is useful. >> there are so many businesses in the bay area that are constantly retiring their computer equipment that's perfectly good for home use. computers and internet access are helping everybody in the community and people who don't have it can come to us to help with that. one of the biggest problems we see isn't whether people can get computers through programs like ours, but whether they can understand why they need a computer. really the biggest issue we are facing today is helping people understand the value of having a computer. >> immediately they would say
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can i afford a computer? i don't speak any english. how do i use it. then they will start to learn how to do email or how to go back to chinese newspaper to read all the chinese newspaper. >> a lot of the barrier still is around lack of knowledge or confusion or intimidation and not having people in their peer network who use computers in their lives. >> the important thing i learned from caminos was to improve myself personally. when i first came to caminos, i didn't know anything about computers. the second thing is i have become -- i have made some great achievements as an individual in my family and in things of the world. >> it's a real issue of self-empowerment where new immigrant families are able to communicate with their families at home, able to receive news and information in their own home language, really become more and more connected with
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the world as well as connected even inside their local communities. >> if we value the diversity of our city and we value our diverse neighborhoods in the city, we need to ensure that they remain economically viable. equiping them and equiping residents in those areas with jobs that will enable them to stay in san francisco is critical to that. >> the important thing that i see here at caminos is it helps the low income community, it helps the women who wouldn't have this opportunity otherwise. >> the workers with more education in san francisco are more likely to be able to working that knowledge sector. where they are going to need that familiarity with the internet, they are going to find value with it and use it and be productive with it every day. and half of the city's population that's in the other boat is disconnected from all that potential prosperity. >> we really need to promote content and provide applications that are really relevant to people's lives here. so a lot of the inspiration,
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especially among the immigrant community, we see is communications with people from their home country but we as much want to use the internet as a tool for people to connect within the local san francisco community. >> i think it's our job as public educators to give them this access and give them this opportunity to see that their efforts are being appreciated beyond their immediate reach. >> you have to blend this idea of community network with computer equipment with training and with support. we can pull all that together, then we've got it. >> it's as much about social and economic justice -- in fact it's more about social and economic justice than just
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